Urban Outreach

Over the past few years, many Native individuals and families have moved from their reservations into urban communities for various reasons. The urban outreach of NAYM in the Phoenix metro. area includes sharing the Gospel with those who have not yet come to know Jesus as Savior, and reaching out to Native believers with encouragement and opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship. As a part of our goals, we also desire to see Christian Natives take leadership roles in ministry, reaching out to their own people.

NAYM missionaries are currently involved in a variety of ministries, including a monthly Native fellowship meal at Calvary Community Church, a weekly Native ladies’ Bible study and Native children’s Bible study, and serving as volunteer chaplains at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center. In addition, we have opportunities to be involved in special chapel services, and the annual Native Resurrection Sunday sunrise service. Other areas include outreach here in the Phoenix area in association with other ministries, doing one on one witnessing and passing out tracts at fairs, public gatherings, and on the streets.

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